Can Correctional Industries be Removed as a Vendor?

Correctional Industries’ involvement in WA DOC prisoner mainline meal production began in the mid-90s and has expanded to full dominance in the years since. CI has become so entrenched in the Washington State prison food system—too big to fail, if you will—that many weary stakeholders, advocates, and oversight entities feel it would be impossible to remove CI as a vendor. However, there is legislative precedent for rescinding CI’s monopoly on a given product or operation. Here’s an example from 2012.

Washington Corrections Watch Launches – Happy Holidays!

On this Christmas Day we at Washington Corrections Watch would like to give the gift of vigilant civic engagement. Let not the taxpayers and lawmakers of Washington State blindly defer to the expertise of state correctional officials. Where deference to correctional expertise is warranted, let us never be too complacent to verify that our trust is well-placed.

The Washington Corrections Watch Project is a work in progress. Visitors to our site will notice that some parts of our site are rather skeletal at the moment. We need community involvement to develop this project. Please consider volunteering your time to help us research and request public records.

Happy Holidays!