WA DOC & CI Contracts

WA DOC and Correctional Industries have countless contracts. WA Corrections Watch is in the process of tracking down both current and expired WA DOC and CI contracts. Please note that these contracts are frequently renewed, revised, and superseded. The contracts compiled here may not reflect the most updated versions. Please consult the WA DOC website Contracts page as an additional resource.

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Air & Automobile Transport


  • Key Bank (To be added)


See also Prison Phone Justice’s records requests on WA DOC phone kickbacks and commissions, as well as Prison Policy Initiative’s research on state-by-state phone rates.

Community Corrections

  • (contracts needed)

Correctional Industries & Union Supply

Correctional Industries is listed as Vendor No. w1368 with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

See also McNeil Island Special Commitment Center and Food Procurement. For a current list of CI & Union Supply commissary offerings in Washington State, visit here. We applaud WA DOC for adding this information to its website.

County Corrections and Intergovernmental Contracts


Food Procurement

See also Correctional Industries & Union Supply

McNeil Island Civil Commitment Center

  • DOC Contract No. K10365, DSHS Contract No. 1361-83653-01 pertaining to McNeil Island Special Commitment Center Stewardship
    • Assigns responsibility for various aspects of operation to DSHS, DOC, and Correctional Industries
    • Lists equipment ownership transferred between DSHS and DOC (PDF pg. 9)
    • Lists relevant staff salaries (PDF pg. 14)
    • Lists utility vendors (PDF pg. 18)
    • Includes 1996 quitclaim deeds (PDF pg. 24)
    • Dictates protocols for preservation of archaeological sites and wildlife populations (PDF pg. 53)

More information on the McNeil Island Special Commitment Center can be found here.

Medical Labs

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