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WA Corrections Watch is operated entirely by citizen researchers. We devote our resources and time to building this website rather than to sending individual responses to emails in most cases. However, we read every email we receive. If you have suggestions for topics, resources to add to our site, or if you notice a broken link or error, please contact us. If you have public records you would like to share with us, please send them our way. If you are a corrections staff person or member of the public who notices that we have inaccurate or incomplete information anywhere on this site, please submit an explanation, with primary source documentation if possible, demonstrating that to us by email so that we can take all relevant information into account and make corrections where warranted. Indeed, although WA DOC may have brought about the repeal of the WAC that once required it to amend erroneous records (R.I.P. WAC 137-08-105!), we at Washington Corrections Watch aim to keep the most accurate records possible.

If you have an urgent safety or security concern to report and you do not feel comfortable contacting WA DOC, please contact the Washington State Office of Corrections Ombuds at 360-664-4749 (toll free at 844-395-7488) or contact your local law enforcement agency. While we at WA Corrections Watch will do everything in our power to protect the anonymity of those who contact us, we have an obligation to report imminent security or well-being threats to the appropriate oversight entities and authorities.

Want to get involved with our project? Then start now. Volunteers work independently on their research. Pick a topic that interests you, make some public records requests, and submit what you find with solid documentation and concise summaries via our contact channels below. With the exception of essays published as blog posts, all contributor names are kept anonymous. Our accountability is in our citations and documentation.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” ~ Samuel Adams

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Want to contribute to this project? Send your WA DOC-related records, documents, anecdotes, or insights to: If you are concerned about confidentiality, feel free to use our submission form for anonymous text-based messages. Staff and volunteers, please take our anonymous survey for staff (, and formerly incarcerated individuals and families of prisoners please take this anonymous survey:

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Our Facebook group is here, and one can subscribe to our updates by scrolling down to the bottom of our blog feed and adding one’s email address.

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Name and email address are not required for those who wish to remain anonymous. Please report any imminent security or well-being concerns to the WA DOC, the Washington State Office of Corrections Ombuds (360-664-4749, toll free at 844-395-7488), or your local law enforcement agency.

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