Fog Line & Comic Relief

Just in case any part of our website has caused visitors to feel despondent, miserable, and/or jaded, we offer this page as a bit of comic relief. We will post hilarious and unintentionally hilarious material here as it comes our way. This page will also serve as a home for the comic strip Fog Line, by Washington prisoner Joey Pedersen. “Fog Line” is a term whose usage is a bit vague to us at WA Corrections Watch. It is a term used by WA DOC staff when even so much as a wisp of fog serves as grounds for locking prisoners down in their units or canceling prisoners’ access to scheduled outdoor recreation time. The term is referenced as a type of funded overtime post in this WA DOC 2015 Prison Overtime Usage report to the legislature (PDF pg. 10, report pg. 9).

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