Documentation of Issues

Here we provide various types of documentation (audits, reports, internal documents, news stories, litigation, prisoner essays, etc.) for many areas of systemic concern, as well as some DOC forms to help members of the public navigate this vast bureaucracy. Additional legal documents relevant to WA DOC can be found in the Prison Legal News legal brief repository and by using Google Scholar’s case law search.

Please note that WA DOC policies, forms, memoranda, and agency goals are constantly being renewed, revised, and superseded. Where known, we provide the year when a specific document was created, but visitors to our website should be mindful that the documents compiled here may not reflect the most updated WA DOC policies, stances, or progress. The department website provides many of its current publications and forms, as well as current policy revisions and WA DOC press releases announcing updated information.

See something we are missing? Have a public records document to share with us? Contact us here.

Agency Leadership and Department Secretaries

Cell Searches

Clothing for Prisoners and Staff Uniforms



Correctional Culture and Reform

Correctional Industries

COVID-19 Pandemic


Equipment/Infrastructure Loss and Misuse

Expert Witness and Consulting Activities of WA DOC Officials

Facility Operations Reviews and Agency Performance Reports

The Operations Reviews that follow are report cards WA DOC gives its facilities in two areas: (1) operations review (IT, security, disciplinary processes, food services, “offender” management, secured housing, searches & evidence, staff safety & accountability) and (2) health services (general, infirmary, medications, health records, restricted housing)

Gender Responsiveness

Graduated Reentry

Immigrant Prisoners and Visitors

Infractions and Hearings

Leadership and Line Staff Relationship

Legal Resources

Legislature and Legislation

Lifers and Life Without Parole Sentences




PREA and Women’s Prison Staffing

Prison Food

Prison Mail & Books

Prisoner Grievances

Prisoner Marriages

Prisoner Writing, Publishing, and Freedom of Speech

Programming for Prisoners

Property for Prisoners

  • Washington State Department of Corrections Office of the Ombuds (defunct) 2017 Annual Report

Public Records


Sentence Calculation

Solitary Confinement

Staff Misconduct, Dereliction, and Disciplinary Process

Staff Safety and Morale

Staff Unions

Tort Claims


WA One, Risk Assessment, Data, and Algorithms

Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP)

WSIPP Reports on Adult Corrections

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