DOC Jargon & Prison Slang

A fledgling glossary of WA DOC and prisoner terminology, including acronyms, initialisms, and slang. For a complete list of WA DOC acronyms, see here, and for an explanation of legalistic terminology found in WA DOC internal policies, see WA DOC’s policy glossary.

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  • Ad-Seg – see Administrative Segregation (a.k.a. solitary confinement; see also IMU)
  • Administrative Segregation – a euphemistic term for placement in solitary confinement pending a bureaucratic investigation process, in which prisoners are confined alone in a dismal cell for 23 hours a day, and are deprived of most forms of property, human interaction, proper nutrition, exposure to nature, quality reading materials, etc.



  • Car – all the fellow members of a prisoner’s racial group in a given prison facility
  • CePrisons – a digital record systems prison visitation staff use to record documentation and behavioral observations of prison visitors
  • Checking in – when a prisoner asks to be placed in protective custody (see PC up)
  • CPM – Correctional Program Manager
  • CPPC – Community Participation Program Coordinator
  • Cuff up – a command given to prisoners when staff want to impose handcuffs
  • CUS – Custody Unit Supervisor



  • Easy keeper – a docile prisoner; can be one who is kept docile through a carb-and-processed-food-heavy diet, through psychiatric drugs, through insufficient dietary protein (or calories), or any other mechanism


  • to fall – to be imprisoned after being convicted of a crime
  • Fog Line – a term whose usage is a bit vague to us at WA Corrections Watch… it is a term used by WA DOC staff when even so much as a wisp of fog serves as grounds for locking prisoners down in their units and/or canceling prisoners’ access to scheduled outdoor recreation time. The term is referenced as a funded overtime post in the Extra Posts section of this WA DOC 2015 Prison Overtime Usage report to the legislature (PDF pg. 10, report pg. 9)
  • Food Refusal Event – a euphemistic term for a prisoner food or hunger strike
  • FRMT – Facility Risk Management Team (most frequently used as a term for the reviews of individual prisoners carried out by the team…don’t ask us why the initialism used is not FRMTR!)
  • Funny Beef – a criminal conviction that causes a prisoner to be ostracized and/or bullied by fellow prisoners


  • Games and garbage up – a command to prisoners and prison visitors to clean up their table after a visit (during which food is eaten and board games may be played)
  • General Population – the mainstream population of prisoners (as opposed to, say, protective custody or solitary confinement populations)


  • The Hole – Solitary Confinement (see also IMU, administrative segregation, involuntary protective custody)
  • The Hole Circuit – when prisoners are transferred across different state prison facilities’ Intensive Management Units (solitary confinement units) as a way of “handling” challenging or unpopular prisoners, or to give the impression on paper that prisoners are being kept in solitary confinement for shorter periods than is the actual case
  • Hug-A-Thug – a derogatory term used to describe staff who are perceived as treating prisoners as regular human beings


  • I&I (or INI) – Intelligence & Investigations
  • IMU – Intensive Management Unit (a.k.a. solitary confinement; see also Ad-Seg)
  • Incident Report – a formal record completed by WA DOC staff describing incident events the staff member personally witnessed
  • Involuntary Protective Custody – when prisoners are placed into solitary confinement (IMU) or a protective custody living unit because prison administration determines it is not safe for the prisoner to be in general population



  • Knucklehead – a euphemistic word used by staff and prisoners alike to describe a prisoner who engages in foolish and obnoxious behavior (can be used to justify or explain away rough treatment of said prisoner)



  • Mainline – (1) General population living units and spaces; (2) Standard prison meals



  • OMNI – Offender Management Network Information, an electronic record keeping system where a prisoner’s individual central file records are compiled, and where Behavior Observation Entries are recorded


  • PC – see “Protective Custody”
  • PC up – to request to be placed in protective custody (prisoners call this “checking in”)
  • Prisneyland – a derogatory term used by WA DOC staff who are opposed to progressive programs (such as higher education or horticulture programs) for prisoners
  • Protective Custody – prisoner housing that is segregated from general population, sometimes a form of solitary confinement



  • Relief staff – staff who fill in for various positions in the prison facilities
  • Restrictive Housing Unit – a euphemistic term for a solitary confinement living unit (see also Intensive Management Unit)


  • Spit Hood (Spit Guard, Spit Mask) – a restraint device placed over a prisoner’s face and head in order to prevent spitting or biting (typically used in solitary confinement units)
  • Sup [pronounced “soop”] – superintendent, warden


  • Tray up – a command given to prisoners at the end of a meal when it is time to clean up meal trays


  • WA-ONE – Washington Offender Needs Evaluation, a controversial new risk assessment tool designed in collaboration by WA DOC and Washington State University


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