Litigation, Tort Claims, & Legislation

WA DOC has been a party in countless legal proceedings and settlements, and has been affected and shaped by countless pieces of legislation. We at WA Corrections Watch are in the process of tracking down the most important of these. Additional legal documents can be found in the Prison Legal News legal brief repository and by using Google Scholar’s case law search. Washington State legislative bills can be searched here.


Corrections Ombuds

Expert Witness Activities of WA DOC Officials

Graduated Reentry

Legal Organization Resources

PREA & Women’s Prison Staffing

Prison Grievance System

  • (to be added)

Prisoner Health

Prisoner Property

  • (to be added)

Prisoner Mail

  • Legal Mail (to be added)
  • Mail Between Spouses (to be added)

Public Records Exemptions

Staff Misconduct

Tort Claims

Union Lawsuits and Legislation

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